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The incoming Remittance through Crypto Currency  from overseas to Bangladesh is legal in Bangladesh and it's approved by Bangladesh Bank.  Example: Bank Asia receiving remittance from Dubai through XRP (Ripple).

The Standard & Chartered Bank sending and receiving Letter of Credit (LC)  using  blockchain technology.

In the world more than 100 countries XBT Bitcoin Exchange is allowed but need to trade inside the country using fiat currency and about more than 50 countries are allowing all transactions you can perform in Crypto.

The Indian government already introduce crypto asset in their traditional banking system. You can buy and sale crypto over the bank counter.

Hope soon or later it will be full and functional legal entity in Bangladesh.

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There are Bitcoin, Ethereum and TBC Shopping Token (TST) ATM is available in Singapore, USA, Estonia, Lithuania and other parts of the world.

I heard very soon Crypto ATM will be install in all countries international airport. So prepare yourself to become crypto asset holder.
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Yes i heard the news
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Yes, I am in Bangladesh legally..
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You need to check with your local financial authorities.
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Also seeking for the same ans.
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When you do any financial transaction or any activity you must obey the local law of your country. Please check your local laws before buy or sale TST Token or other crypto assets. 

The TST Global Community will not liable for any incident which is caused by the local Government or law enforcement agency. 

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Why not's. it legal all over the world
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Maybe you are right but iam not sure
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isn't legal in Bangladesh but worldly is legal i think very recent legal in Bangladesh.
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If you Don't do any inlegal work with this coin. Then it’s Legal
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It's legal all over the world but e-commerce business Bangladesh not legal
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