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Biggest Reward announcement is coming soon!
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TST Foundation offering 40 persons Life Member from each country with a minimum investment of USD 500 or BDT 50,000 within 30 April for Bangladesh, within 30 May for India and within 30 June 2021 for other countries.

He will get the following benefits:

1. He will get 500 dollars value TST Coin.

2. His / her status will be Founder Member  (after April 2021 anyone can be Life Member just purchasing USD 1,000 value TST token) in our TST Global Community.

3. He will enjoy 1% global pool bonus from 15 July 2021 until December 2025.

4. Those will stake the TST Coin in Cryptobank or BitsCash exchange they will earn 5-7% profit in every month.

Our global pool having 100 million TST coin or 10 Crore TST coin. We have 3 Major trading pairs like TST-BTC, TST-ETH & TST-USDT in this global pool and earning profit daily.

Out of total profit 1% goes to all founder & life members. (Estimated income: minimum USD 20 to 200 dollars will make each life member every month)

Please contact with your up line or introducer for details or text us WhatsApp: +6016-3441992

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If you refer 100 member in TST Global Community you get free 10 k coin from TST
Welcome to TST Global Community, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. Email us: info@tstcoin.org or WhasApp: +6016-3441992